Our Coffees

At the Shaky Isles we roast robust and full flavoured coffee for those who love coffee like we do - it what we always hold true to.

We use the innovative Sivetz Air Roaster to roast all our blends, providing a smooth and consistent coffee while allowing strength and robustness, and most importantly, a flavour profile that doesn’t get roasted away (which can happen with conventional steel barrel roasters).

We take that little bit of extra care in selecting our 100% Arabica beans from origins all over the world to create blends that our roaster can work its magic with.

Our air-roasting technology ensures every bean is roasted evenly and without shrinking, and every roast reaches its full flavour potential. This provides the ultimate in consistency in bean quality and flavour, and then matched with our foiled lined and valved bags, where each bag is flushed with nitrogen prior to sealing, ensures our coffee arrives to you in perfect condition.

That's why we know we are making the world’s best coffee, right here, in the Shaky Isles.

Our Gold Label coffee blends, the highest quality coffee we make, is available here online, in our cafes and via wholesale supply.


Shaky Isles Gold Label Strong Roast

A blend of finest Arabica beans from Brazil, with rich chocolate and malt tones, and Ethiopia and Kenya, giving the coffee full-bodied berry and fruit notes

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Shaky Isles Gold Label Organic Roast

A blend of premium Arabica beans from Colombia, with sweet citrus and stone fruit notes, and Papua New Guinea, providing a base of rich chocolate and nut flavours.

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Shaky Isles Gold Roast Organic Swiss water Decaf

From several farms in southern Mexico, which use the chemical free Swiss-Water method to decaffeinate the green beans, this coffee has a strong malt tone, with highlights of plum and raisin.

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Shaky Isles Gold Roast Single Origin – Tanzania

This month’s Shaky Isles single origin from Tanzania is grown on the side of Mt Kilimanjaro, this coffee is bright and fruity. With an obvious blackcurrant flavour at the fore- front, this coffee leads into a mild body and acidity punc- tuated by a smooth breakfast tea finish with mild choco- laty notes.

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