This humble vessel is one of the worlds most widespread cof- fee-makers, and while it’s certainly seen as less hip than modern techniques it can still make an excellent brew when used correctly. Also called the 'French Press' or 'Cafetiere' - the most common mistake made with this method is the quality and grind of the coffee. The dirty taste and ‘mud’ in the bottom of your cup come from using coffee ground too fine, where it passes through the filter and into your cup.

Header cafetiere
Crucial kit
  • Plunger small
    4 cup French Press brewer
  • Beans 4
    4 Tablespoons of fresh coffee
  • Hot water
    Hot water just off the boil
  • Spoon
  • Cup
Pro tweaks
  • Grinder
    Grinder (to grind right before brewing)
  • Scales
    Scale (for exactly 28g of coffee)
  • Timer
  • Thermometer
    96°C Water
  • Spoon
    Wooden spoon
Coffee loves you

Lets brew it

Plunger 1

Coffee should be ground much coarser for a plunger than for an espresso machine, to a gritty sand-like consistency;

Plunger 2

You shouldn’t use boiling water straight on ground coffee, as it produces bitter and sour flavours;

Plunger 3

Half-fill the plunger and give it a good stir “By stirring it you’re activating more infusion and encouraging that extraction of flavour.

Plunger 4

Let it sit for a moment, then pour the rest of your water in and leave it to brew for another three min- utes before serving.

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