Here at Shaky Isles, we like to do our little bit for the environment. We think it’s important to produce coffee products that are not only good for our customers but good for the people growing the beans, and kind on the environment too.

All of the beans we use for our coffee blends are fairly and ethically sourced, with our Organic Blends being 100% Organic and Fair Trade. We ensure economic accountability is in place to to protect the farmers, that suppliers look after their workers, and that everyone in the supply chain is using best practice to reduce their impact on the environment.

It takes a bit longer and costs a bit more than using chemicals, but we choose to to use the Swiss Water method to decaffinate the beans for our truly epic decaf blend.


Organic Teas

We are also very proud to have on offer amazing organic teas from our friends up the road at Keri Keri Organic Teas

We keep it local

Almost all of the products we serve at our cafes is made by hand by great local suppliers. We work with them to understand their processes, so we can be assured over their quality, freshness and sourcing of ingredients.

SPCA Blue Tick

We only serve free range eggs and chicken at our cafes, as well as free farmed bacon and pork that has the SPCA Blue Tick.

Compostable Cups

From day dot we have partnered up with Innocent packaging, who make our takeaway cups and lids. We also use Innocent for all our napkins, straws, takeaway boxes and all other consumables, as everything they make is recyclable and compostable, and awesome.

Conscious Consumer

We are certified with Conscious Consumers as a sustainable provider of products, and in how we deal with our waste. We don’t like to sit on our laurels for too long and know that there is still a lot more that we can do to reduce our impact, so please message or email us with ideas you have in how we could be doing more.