The Shaky Isles

The Shaky Isles Coffee Company was founded in 2008 by a couple of passionate coffee lovers that created a coffee company that reflected New Zealand and the coffee the country was making as they saw it, fun and a bit on the edge, but deadly serious about quality and flavour.

Its what we hold true to - roasting robust and full flavoured coffee for those who love coffee like we do.

We opened our first Shaky Isles café in 2008, but the name didn’t start with us. The Shaky Isles was the name given to our land of the long white cloud in the 20th century by those lovely Australians, as our Isles were prone to the odd earthquake or two. Even today, we get many of our customers asking what shaky isles means, we tell them that it's just a name for all that is good in the world...

Shaky Isles Coffee Company - you are about to become very good at everything

For all enquiries please contact us at

Shaky Isles Coffee Company
22 Customs Street East
Auckland CBD
New Zealand

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